Product Description: Overview

Product Description: Overview

Here you will find details about the products that we offer in our shop. The product descriptions are organized in the following way:

Broad Fabrics


Details about Deco- and Stage Molleton, flame resistant fabrics for stages and decoration (i.e. backdrops)

Bluebox Fabrics

Fabrics used for the Bluebox method by professionals and dedicated video film makers.


Nettle- Broad fabrics in a range of colors


Jute- Broad fabrics often used for decoration purposes


We tailor fabrics bought in our shop, for example we make backdrops according to your specified measurements, punch out eyelets, and sew pockets and seams.


We not only tailor fabrics, but we also imprint them. For example, if you need a stage curtain with a large logo or slogan, we can make it for you.



A standard material for decoration, we offer Varish Foil, Picnic Table Foil and Metallic Foil



Hooks, steel cables, eyelets, everything you need for decorating with broad fabrics and foil

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Designelement: Breitgewebe wie Molton, Bühnenmolton, Dekomolton, Bluebox-Stoff, Nessel und Jute, für Bühne, Backdrop und Dekoration